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Concepts involved in crime prevention through environmental design are described below. Defensible Space. Oscar Newman coined the expression "defensible space" as a term for a range of mechanisms, real and symbolic barriers, strongly defined areas of influence, and improved opportunities for surveillance that combine to bring the environment under the control of its residents. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED pronounced SEP-TED) is a concept that asserts that “the proper design and effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the fear of crime and the incidence of crime, and to an improvement in the quality of life.” 6 The purpose is to introduce CPTED concepts and provide examples of how CPTED can be applied to enhance This mini course covers the 4 principles of CPTED.

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CDC developed the CPTED School Assessment (CSA) pdf icon [359 KB, 40 Pages, Print Only] external icon. Some CPTED interventions can both reduce and support crime simultaneously. For example, increased lighting can offer increased surveillance to citizens while also facilitating criminal activity by highlighting targets. Some CPTED interventions can reduce crime but at the expense of a significant reduction in quality of life for the community. The theory and guidelines of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), pronounced ‘sep-ted’, were first created in the 1960s; and like everything else, it evolved into what it is today. CPTED is a well -established and well-researched field of crime prevention utilized internationally. It has proven methods that increase the There are four overlapping CPTED strategies.

Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention: Fennelly

Activity generation in public places 9. Social mix 10.

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On all new construction or major renovations a member of the bidding design team must have earned the Florida CPTED Practitioner Designation or similar CPTED designation in order to bid on school projects. 6. Effectiveness of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) in reducing robberies. American Journal of Preventative Medicine, 18, 99-115, p. 110 Visibility from outside the store to inside the store was a more significant predictor of convenience store robberies than the number of clerks or the proximity to drug traffic, gangs, or subsidized housing. Examples: NCPI, SPARTA, and others.

pavement); semi-public (e.g. front garden);  For example: Housing units can be designed so as to allow neighbors to "self- patrol" their environments. Lighting and landscaping may be enhanced in  Example: Landscaping that reduces access to unsupervised locations on the school grounds.
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CPTED is a well -established and well-researched field of crime prevention utilized internationally. It has proven methods that increase the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Home Evaluation Home Security Assessment Boxes marked “No” in the following check list indicate areas where you could take action to improve your home’s security. These are just some steps that you can take to decrease the likelihood that you or your home is targeted for a crime.

Methods: CPTED evaluations were obtained through a comprehensive search mechanism. Two sets of inclusion criteria were used: 16 primary studies evaluated a CPTED program with a comparison period; 12 secondary studies … Design principles, known as 'crime prevention through environmental design', are used all over the world to make cities safer. But some of these principles can be discriminatory and hostile. appendix c: examples of cpted strategies applicable to public spaces..
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Crime Prevention Through Environmental D: Crowe, Timothy D

Here are some examples of proper CPTED Maintenance.